Monday, September 2, 2019

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Is the death penalty wrong? Is the death penalty right? Many people have different views on this subject because of their beliefs. Its very hard to say if capital punishment is necessary, but without it we would say, â€Å"that man needs to die for the crime he committed.† John McAdams from the University of Marquette’s political science department once said, "If we execute murderers and there is in fact no deterrent effect, we have killed a bunch of murderers. If we fail to execute murderers, and doing so would in fact have deterred other murders, we have allowed the killing of a bunch of innocent victims.† Its very hard to let a man walk away from his death, because we want justice served. You would know that capital punishment is wrong by putting yourself in a death row inmates shoes, and saying to yourself â€Å"I don’t want to die†, and â€Å"I’m sorry†. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church it states that, â€Å"Certain particularly grave sins incur excommunication, the most severe ecclesiastical penalty, which impedes the reception of the sacraments and the exercise of certain ecclesiastical acts, and for which absolution consequently cannot be granted, according to canon law, except by the Pope, the bishop of the place or priests authorized by them. In danger of death any priest, even if deprived of faculties for hearing confessions, can absolve from every sin and excommunication† (1463). The Catechism of the Catholic Ch...

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